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How to properly measure a Folding Carton

How to properly measure a folding cartonSize is important for obvious reasons when trying to fit your product in a folding carton. Let’s take a quick look on how to properly read and write measurements according to the industry standard.

There are three dimensions to the basic folding carton; Length (L), width (W), and depth (D).  In written form the dimensions should appear in that order (L x W x D).  Use the figure of a reverse tuck carton to the right; match each of the dimensions up with its corresponding side.

When determining the size of a folding carton, be sure to measure from the middle of the score. To ensure accuracy, measurements should be taken to 1/16th of an inch.

Mailers are measured in a similar fashion to the folding carton, except the mailer only has two dimensions; Width (W) and dimension (D). Width is measured in the horizontal direction while depth is measured vertically.

Check out the Reverse Tuck Box Simple Die Line to see how these measurements apply in a two dimensional space.


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